William Hill Poker offers a massive new 200% deposit bonus of up to £1200, €1400, or $2,000 (USD). William Hill Poker runs on the iPoker network, the 3rd largest online poker system so you can expect a decent amount of tables and players at most times of the day.

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We like William Hill in general because with a single account, you can play poker, place sports bets, and play casino games. You can easily transfer funds from within the William Hill system, such as moving poker chips into the casino, or casino chips into the sportsbook.

William Hill Poker – 1250FREE Promo Code

To receive the William Hill poker bonus, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Visit William Hill Poker and Download & Install Software

Click here to go to William Hill Poker.

Then click on the FREE DOWNLOAD button and save the file to your computer.



Step 2 – Register Account with William Hill Promo Code 1250FREE

Run the poker setup program to install the software on your computer. Once it completes, the William Hill Poker program will launch. Click the “Create Account” button to register your William Hill account.

Then fill in you personal details (your REAL information!) – you data is safe with William Hill and you don’t want any hassles when you withdraw funds. Then enter the William Hill Poker promo code 1250FREE to qualify for the 200% deposit bonus.


Step 3 – Deposit Funds & Receive 200% as a Bonus

The amount of your potential poker bonus depends on the amount you deposit. We always suggest maximizing the bonus whenever possible. If you deposit £600, €700, or $1,000, you can receive double that amount as a bonus.

Log in into your new William Hill account and click on “Deposit”.

Here are some of the many deposit methods you can use to fund your William Hill Poker account:


Step 4 – Earn WH Points to Receive Bonus Payments

William Hill Poker provides a maximum bonus based on the size of your initial deposit. The maximum bonus you can receive is 200% of your deposit amount, up to £1200/€1400/$2,000.

You do not receive that bonus money immediately. Instead, you can view it as the maximum potential refund or rakeback you can receive.

The poker bonus is given to players based on WH Points earned while participating in the real-money ring games, tournaments, and SnG’s at William Hill Poker. WH Points are awarded based on the amount of fees and rake paid for by the player.

So, in other words, WH Points track how much you’ve actually paid to William Hill – as opposed to chips lost to another player – so that you can get refunded a portion of those fees!

How to Earn WH Points and Collect the Poker Bonus

Because William Hill Poker uses $USD in its bonus terms and conditions, we will also use $USD to describe the bonus details.

You must collect 425 William Hill player points to be awarded a $5 bonus. The William Hill bonus is awarded in $5 increments, up to the maximum bonus of $2,000. So you can receive 400 individual payments of $5 each, and would need to earn a total 170,000 WH Points to earn the entire $2,000 or £1200 bonus.

You can always follow your progress towards meeting the requirements for your next $5 payment within the poker software at the bottom of the screen – see below:

Poker Bonus Meter


You have 60 days to collect as much of the bonus as you can. Or the entire amount. You decide!

Here are the specifics of earning WH Points.

For tournament play, 40 points are distributed for each £1 paid in tournament fees.

For ring games, WH points are collected depending on the rake level. There’s a huge chart you can find at William Hill. But for a quick example, you receive 1.5 WH Points if the rake is £0.20, 9 points if the rake is £1.00, and 36 points if the rake is £3.00.

You can view your current poker bonus and bonus history at any time from within the poker software by visit “My Account” located a the top left corner, and then clicking the “Bonus info” tab.

Bonus History


It’s difficult to determine how many hours of play are required to earn the full bonus of £1200 because it all depends on the table stakes, the number of players at the table, the average pot size, etc.

But we can try to estimate this with some assumptions – we’ll use £200 NL table with £1-£2 blinds on a 10 player table. If we assume an average pot size of £20.00, then we would have an average rake of £1.00.

Therefore, the player has collected 9 WHPoints for contributing in the hand with a £1.00 rake. Typical online poker players can play about 70 hands per hour, so the player could possibly receive 630 points per hour playing this game. Earning the mandatory 170,000 William Hill poker points to cash in the maximum £1200 bonus would require approximately 270 hours of play.

If you multi-table 4 tables simultaneously, then you’ve cut down the hours to 67.5 hours! William Hill allows you to play up to 16 tables simultaneously. And remember William Hill Poker allows the new player a 60-day timeframe to collect as much of the new player bonus as possible.

So how does this bonus compare to other poker bonuses or rakeback programs? Well if it takes 425 points to earn $5, then it takes 85 points to earn $1. You would have to pay $3.40 in tournament fees to earn 85 points, or $1 in bonus so there is 3.4 : 1 ratio of fees to bonus/refunds.

This is equivalent to a 29.4% rakeback program!

Additional William Hill Rakeback

In addition to the poker bonus, you can receive additional cash back from William Hill Poker via the VIP Loyalty Rewards program.

While earning WH Points for your poker bonus, you are simultaneously earning Award Points. Award Points can later get converted into tournament tokens, more bonus money (that must get earned with WH Points), or straight-up cash that is immediately yours.

View the chart below for earning cash with Award Points:

Earning Cash with Award Points


As a Level 1 VIP, you earn Award Points at the same rate your earn WH Points. However, as you play more often and accumulate more points, you can move up in VIP levels where you start to earn Award Points faster than WH Points.

See the chart below and the multiplier you can use against your WH Points to collect Award Points faster.

Earning Cash with Award Points


Because there are so many variables with the VIP program, you can’t calculate the exact rate of rakeback you will achieve. However, the best case scenario where we’ve reached Level 10 (at which point we’re earning Award Points 7.3x faster than normal), and then traded in our points for the biggest cash prize of $100,000, our rakeback percentage would be 50.76%!

Even at Level 5, trading in for the biggest cash prize yields a rakeback percentage of 41.67%.

Occasionally, William Hill will offer “Points Booster” promotions where you can earn double the amount of Award Points than you normally would. At the time of this writing, you earn double Award Points whenever you play Sit-n-Go’s and multi-table tournaments for the entire month! Look for these kinds of promotions to earn Award Points faster.

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